Donna Felicia 500 ML | GRANDE


Blend of great personality and carefully balanced, it is extracted from the olives of our secular plants Dolce di Rossano (local cultivar) and of our young cultivars Coratina and Cima di Melfi.

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Organoleptic profile
COLOR: yellow with intense green reflections.
SCENT: medium fruity enriched with herbal notes.
TASTE: harmonious and enveloping, with very pleasant and balanced bitterness and spiciness and with clear sensations of freshly cut grass, fresh almond, and artichoke

Food pairing
Structured dishes such as red meat and wild game, legume soups, vegetables soups and cheese, mushrooms, steaks, artichokes, cheeses, etc. Highly recommended for children’s diet.

Chemical analysis
ACIDITY: 0,17%
PEROXIDES: 6,2 meq
POLYPHENOLS: 670 mg/kg

Additional information


Dolce di Rossano, Cima di Melfi, Coratina

Production area

Rossano – Calabria (Italy)

Processing performed

Manual pruning, shredding of organic residues

Harvesting method

Harvesting with mechanical facilitators

Time between harvesting and milling

3 hours